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Aprons ready…

Sorry guys, I know it’s been a while, and I have no excuse other than my baby doesn’t sleep! And working past 7pm makes me feel all queasy ahaha. April was a pretty pants month for me business wise. I think I had got complacent over the attendance… Read More »Aprons ready…

Just another blog…

Another 3 months, another update… When I first set up the website, I had every intention of weekly updates, with recipes, event listings and everything in between. And, as you can probably see, I have 100% not achieved anywhere near that level of activity! This blogging game is… Read More »Just another blog…

What January Diet??

I get it, it’s January, it’s miserable, Christmas has taken its toll and you want to feel healthy again. I’m in exactly the same boat and have finally rejoined a gym!!! And I’ve actually been more than once too. There’s nothing better than knowing you have eaten well,… Read More »What January Diet??

Just like that …

And just like that, life can change! If someone had told me this time last year, that I would be the proud owner of a hungry 5 month old, I would have laughed and questioned your sanity, yet here we are, a happy family getting ready for our first… Read More »Just like that …

Where has 2018 gone?!?!?!

As I am sitting her on a freezing cold Sunday afternoon binge watching old GBBO episodes, I’m finding it impossible to believe that we are nearing the end of April already. This year is flying by, which is slightly scary considering everything that needs to be done before… Read More »Where has 2018 gone?!?!?!

FarGo Night Market

This evening (Fri 8th Dec) we are taking part in the second FarGo Village Night Market. Located in the market hall, this event looks set to be as busy as the opening show, with entertainment from a choir, singers and performers throughout the evening. Yours truly will have… Read More »FarGo Night Market

The Team!

As most of you that follow me on the social media pages are aware, The Brownie Box has undergone a lot of expansion over the last 12 months, culminating in the recruitment of an apprentice in Keeleigh back in August. This was a huge step in both personal… Read More »The Team!

Emily Golding - The Brownie Box by Emily

Website launch!

Back in march 2016, sat in college thinking of ways to make some money to help towards buying a house, I never would have dreamed how much my little hobby would take off! Fast forward to now, and I have just launched a website :O:O:O:O!Read More »Website launch!