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Just another blog…

Another 3 months, another update…

When I first set up the website, I had every intention of weekly updates, with recipes, event listings and everything in between. And, as you can probably see, I have 100% not achieved anywhere near that level of activity! This blogging game is so hard, especially when you throw running a business, a baby and sleep deprivation into the mix.

My new years resolution this year was to keep on top of the Brownie Box social media and content. Three months down the line and I know that I need to be more consistent, although how much better are the photographs now!?!? Huwaei have seriously upped the smartphone camera game. So, from today, I vow to give a monthly update of where I am personally, and professionally with the Brownie Box.


The last few months have been wild, with sell out open houses and incredible order volumes for both Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. As a business, we have been pushing ourselves constantly to create new and exciting products. Our personal favourite has to be the birthday cake batter cookies which went live this morning!

I am almost nearing the end of maternity leave, which will hopefully mean a return to cakes in the near future once little man is in nursery and I  have a bit more time to myself.

What would you like to see from the brownie box this year? Feedback means so much to a small business, and I would love to hear your thoughts.


Its over and out for now 🙂


Emily xx