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Sometimes life just gets in the way ….

Hi all,

Apologies for my internet silence over the last few months. Blogging and social media isn’t really my forté and I have to really work hard to keep up with everything as well as running the business side and baking side of the Brownie Box.

2018 has been a very interesting year so far, with lots of changes both in the business and personally. The brownie box is now back to being a 1 man band for now, with the majority of orders being taken via this fabulous website designed by Mellow Digital which I am finally getting to grips with. This is still a work in progress, and I am happy to take any suggestions on board for improvements. Please email them over. Sometimes it’s hard from his side of the checkout to see issues that you guys may have when navigating and ordering.

On a personal level, the last 3 months have been really difficult for me, as you may have noticed from the social pages being quiet and a slow down in workload. Although a lot of my lovely customers who I have seen have already heard the news, I am now cooking my very own little cupcake, due at the end of summer, and my goodness it is hard work!

Anyone who tells you pregnancy is a dream is fibbing! the first few months are a blur of Netflix, emotional breakdowns and crisps, but we are out of the other end now, and it is going to be so worth the exhaustion when our little bundle of joy arrives :).

Baby brain has well and truly set in, so please bear with me over the next 6 months while I have to retrieve my car keys from the fridge, set reminders on my phone about why I have had to go upstairs and completely forget your names or the flavours I’m reeling off at an open house (this happened last week several times and you were all wonderfully patient!).

I’ll be working for as long as I can until baby arrives but will of course keep you all posted in the meantime ):.

Emily xx