Delivery & COVID-19

We have made significant changes to our operations since 23rd March, with the biggest change seen in our delivery process.

We now offer local delivery to CV1-CV8 (excluding some areas of CV7) on saturdays.

Local delivery is £3.


We ship once a week on thursdays for national delivery via Royal Mail / DHL for £4.79. 



See below for our full local delivery postcode list!

CV1, CV2, CV3, Cv4, CV5, CV6

CV7 7*, CV7 8NJ, CV7 8PE, CV7 8PT, CV7 8A*, CV7 8B*, CV7 8J*, CV7 8N*, CV7 9H*, CV7 9GA, CV7 9FX, CV7 9E*, CV7 9F*, CV7 9G*, CV8


We are now also offering collection from CV5 9LL on Friday evenings 5-7pm or Saturday mornings 9-11am.